In the Media

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Radio Interview

In the Media

Click above to hear the radio interview done by Peace Portal.

ManyHands is interviewed, sharing much about what it is that we do at Many Hands Community and much more about the vision that started all of this in 1986.

This interview is very informative to the understanding of the vision of MHC and even those that have been involved with us have expressed a better understanding after listening to this.

[Highly Recommended]

About Us

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Welcome to the Many Hands Community!

Our Mission:

Many Hands Community creates educational settings in which we nurture children and families through community spirit, personal empowerment and connection with the land, while fostering a culture of acceptance.

Many Hands Community is a dynamic not-for-profit organization. It is an intimate collaboration between local non-profit organizations, each with their own mission, and brought together under a united goal. The Many Hands Community is a land stewardship program designed to rent out the land & facilities to interested parties & create revenue that will then support the Many Hands Educational Community Center.

MHECC is a year-round program involving children, parents, and community members. It’s goal is education and multi-cultural programs, recreation, community improvement, and service activities.

Beginning Goal:

Establish a multi-service not-for-profit organization that utilizes existing structures and resources, and develops community collaborations to enhance educational programming in Eugene. Incorporating elements of Social and Emotional Learning, Life-role Education and Community Awareness Education through Peace Village Curriculum, the traditional wisdom and the applied spirituality of the Native American Sacred Hoop teachings.

Long Term Goal:

Every child grows up with a sense of self and community and is given the tools to navigate both effectively with an understanding of the inter-relatedness to help them become whole and healthy human beings.