Board of Directors

Many Hands Community Board of Directors:

Mary MacDiarmid

Board President:

Mary brings decades of life lived consciously, a myriad of pursuits both physical and mental, and vast learning both formal and experiential to the board of Many Hands Community. Mary is a life-long learner, committed to insatiable curiosity, and is in need of intellectual stimulus like air. She reads continuously, mostly non-fiction.

Mary’s education has encompassed the arts, sciences, humanities, and business finance. Much of her experience/ work has been non-traditional for women: from commercial fishing to semi-truck driving, city bus driver in Minneapolis years ago, amateur mechanics, residential construction and boat building, metalwork, glass blowing, and bee-keeping. She believes anybody can do anything that appeals to them. She is willing to play the roles of cheerleader and coach for support.

Mary is a dedicated parent of two of our students through the Peace Village Collaboration.

“My hope for the future is in our children, and my life and work is committed to promoting eco-conscious ways of living that make possible sustainable futures for all.”, ( Mary, 2008)

Martin Starr

Martin is a Licensed Social Worker with over 20 years experience working with at risk youth and their families. He is an outstanding advocate for children’s rights and devoted to insuring that each child gets the services they need.

Vincent Mulier


Vincent Mulier is an attorney in Eugene, Oregon. He is the founder of Majority Law Firm in Eugene, Oregon. He also runs Spencer Creek Consulting; a local land use consulting company that specializes in helping landowners maximize environmental values on their lands through land trusts and conservation easements.

Vincent has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Oregon and a law degree from Willamette University. He is the author of a lengthy article on the history of litigation over Native American fishing rights in the Pacific Northwest, published in the Winter, 2007 issue of the American Indian Law Review.

Tom Moen

Tom is a local business owner of Mjollnir Construction for many years bringing a concrete perspective and a level head.

Trey Wilkins

Pending Council of Elder acceptance.

Many Hands Community Staff:

David “Many Hands” Maloney

Currently, David is the President of Peace Village board of directors, the Founder, Executive Director and Manager of ‘Many Hands Community’ non-profit organization and teacher of Circles of Change curriculum at the Network Charter School.

David presently develops and coordinates community assistance and service learning opportunities. He is a dedicated educator with elementary, high school and university teaching experience, as well as experience in curriculum development. Thus far, he has been responsible as the Executive Director for the majority of the effort in establishing Many Hands Community non-profit: for the organization, structure, site development, and documentation. He holds a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Education in Counseling, Family and Human Services. He also holds a Not-For-Profit certificate from the Department of Planning, Public Policy & Management at the University of Oregon.


Additional Educational Focus: Psychology, English, Creative Writing, Romance Languages [Fluent Spanish], Honors College Curriculum, Native American and Multi-cultural Issues, and Literature, Social and Emotional Learning curriculum development, Not-for-Profit Management including Financial, Volunteer Recruitment, Marketing, Resource Development, Board Development, Research, Strategic Planning and Event planning.


Resource Development Specialist, Friends of the Program, (2002) Collaborative effort between Station 7, Looking Glass & Committed Partners for youth.

Mentor Coordinator, Community Mentor Network. (2003) responsible for Strategic Planning, Resource Development, Volunteer Recruitment and Training, Marketing, 5Yr. Vision Mapping,

Relief Counselor, Pathways, Looking Glass, (1998)

Responsible for Maintaining therapeutic milieu, Supervising, Monitoring and Sustaining appropriate control of behavior and conduct for Alcohol and Drug Addicted youth, aiding residents in their transition from Skipworth, a full time juvenile detention facility, into a positive social interaction and adjustment to mainstream society

Instructional Specialist, Pathways, Looking Glass, (1998 -1999)

Employed full time, Teaching, developing curriculum, and Counseling Alcohol and Drug Addicted youth with Criminal Histories between the ages of 11-18 yr. Teaching two High school equivalency classes in the morning instructing in such subjects as English, Math, Spanish, Creative Writing, Computer Science, Geography, American Govt., Typing skills, etc.. In the afternoons, developing and instructing classes in Alcohol and Drug Education including subjects such as Relationship, Community & Health Issues as well as some spiritual and self awareness studies.

Tioshpiya-Connecting Generations-Tukwahone, (1994- 1995)

Founded, Directed and Managed this non-profit organization. Supported Native American craftsmen, elders, and children. Collaborated with Lakota and Piaute Native American tribes.

Program Leader, Outdoor Program, Multnomah Educational Service District, 1995.

Responsible for directing 10 groups of 200 sixth graders from inner city schools. Responsible for Training and Supervising High School counselors.

Special Needs Counselor for Camps Howard, Westwind, and Collins (1994)

Crisis Intervention Services, Help Line Volunteer and Help Squad Volunteer, Medford, Or. (1987-1988)

Recruiter, E.S.C.A.P.E Program, University of Oregon 1994-1995

Advocate, Disabled Awareness 1980 to present.