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On-Site School

In January, we began drawing the initial plans of the roughly 2,600 sq.ft. Admin building that we hope to break ground on by the end of this summer, a hub for the many organizations involved to gather and work.

The Many Hands Community organization became recognized in april as it was officially incorporated as a Oregon Nonprofit corporation with the help of David Atkins, nfp attorney.

And after 20 years of nurturing this vision, I am proud to announce that we will be teaching the Community Awareness Education Curriculum beginning in September at the Network Charter School in Downtown Eugene through the auspices of the Peace Village Connection. This will serve as a launching point to the land when we have appropriate facilities, i.e. Administration building, ETA Fall 2008.

Circles of Change Syllabus

The Circles of Change syllabus can be downloaded: Here

Supporting Research

David Maloneys thesis Community Change Within Community Awareness Education can be downloaded: Here