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Conference and Event Facility

In the development of the 77 acres at the Many Hands Community Hills, our intention is to actively demonstrate a way of life that has low impact on the earth and is life enhancing.

A model of sustainable living in an woodland environment, the Many Hands Community Center will feature rainwater catchment systems, organic gardening, permaculture landscaping, a photovoltaic electric system, a passive solar hot water system, constructed wetlands, composting, fluorescent lighting, and natural building (strawbale walls, earthen plaster, cob construction, passive solar design, and whenever possible, use of recycled and sustainably harvested lumber).

Sustainable living programs, which are planned, include workshops in strawbale construction, cob construction, traditional Native American structures, earthen plastering and pond and constructed wetlands, in addition to a permaculture site plan study.

The intent is that every structure that will be built for educational programming or retreat centers be an education in and among themselves from the moment they walk towards the structure.

For students, this would enable the learning process to begin before an educator even starts their lecture or distributes printed learning materials


Lodging is available at the Many Hands Community Hills. Tipis and Yurts are available as well as outdoor camping space.

Long Term Services

Long term services including rental of office space, classrooms and outdoor space will be available.